Final wiring

September 1, 2022

I’ve been working on running a few final power circuits and additional low voltage wiring before the drywall goes on.

The center channel and subwoofer will be in the wall above and below the TV respectively, with the other 4 speakers in the ceiling in front of the TV.

I decided at the last-minute to add a TV to the lobby with in-wall/ceiling 5.1 surround sound.

There will be a pass-through on the cover to let wires reach the TV as well as another pass-through on the machine room just behind to let wires reach a cable ladder system.

I installed a box to handle all the wires behind the TV, and also serve as a junction for the speaker wires and a hiding spot for a compact UPS.

The access point can run over PoE, but not at the highest speeds, so I opted to add an outlet.

I also moved the small plastic low voltage box I had in the machine room to the ceiling to house a WiFi access point.

The plastic box ensures the WiFi signal is unimpeded.

I didn’t want the box to leak air into the ceiling bays, so I closed up the back of the framing with some rigid foam and used spray foam to seal it all up.

8 of the 24 ethernet lines jump over to boxes on the wall, allowing me to patch in a rack of equipment in the room.

I installed a new, much larger, metal low-voltage box in the machine room and wired up all the ethernet runs.

I tested the ERV controller with the transformer, relay, power distribution and junction DIN-rail modules I installed.

I also replaced a smaller HVAC control box in the attic with a larger one and ran extra control lines to the thermostat.