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Final Siding Panels

This morning Adam and I took some sheet metal parts to a local shop and had them adjusted to work properly for the ridge cap. We also stopped at Lowes to get some supplies. Later in the day Adam came back out and Peter came by. Today would be the final day of siding.

Working around the door went smoothly. We had to measure everything carefully and frequently, but it was worth it because when we got the panel up it fit perfectly.

The panels above the door went quickly, as they are so much shorter. Then the other side of the door fit great. However, we did have a problem…

We ran out of screws!

The screws that came with the building are painted to match. They also were pretty dull for self-tapping screws. Many of them weren’t sharp enough to use at all, and ended up being tossed aside. This made us go through screws much faster. We looked all over and scrounged together just enough to get the panel on securely. Tomorrow, I’ll look for more, and perhaps need to get more screws sent to me from the building supplier.

It was great to finally have all the siding on. Tomorrow Adam is going to work on the ridge cap and install more trim. This weekend I’ll hang the doors and tidy up the jobsite.

I’m getting very close to starting the next phase, building the inner structure.

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