Lobby Design Changes

July 12, 2020

I’ve made some more changes to the interior walls to make the lobby more useful.

Code requires 60 in. in front of a door and 36 in. walkways. This design narrowly achieved that by splaying the walls, thus angling the doors.

The main problem is having too many doors, which eat up usable floor space.

The coat closet is now accessed from the vestibule.

The final design has only two doors in the lobby. One to the vestibule and one to the electrical/storage room.

I will be using a larger, code-compliant, 60 in. staircase instead of the 51 in. model I was previously planning for.

The stairs are now in the corner, which also reduces the hazard of head injuries walking by high-up stairs.

After the changes there’s enough space for a sofa and a baby-grand piano.

I ordered the stairs and railings today, so there’s no going back.

The feeder wire and conduit for the sub panel is much bigger in person than it looked online.

Meanwhile electrical supplies have been arriving.

The ground water here is very high, so the pond is filling up on its own quite fast.

Finally, this week it’s been really fun to watch the landscape outside the studio continue to change. Lately the pond has been being dug.