Final Grading Complete

December 6, 2017

This week the final grading was finished.

The transition from the pad to the garden area is pretty steep, eventually I’m going to need to do something to reinforce it.

Adam and I took the scaffolding down and moved the remaining debris and vehicles out of the way to make space for them to work.

The garden was raised up a bit by bringing in some fill, but there are still some drainage issues.

They first lowered the dirt level around the building, and moved the extra material to the road we think might to one day lead to a pasture.

If the road doesn’t work out, at least we’ll have lots of fill on hand to raise other areas.

They also added stone drip edge around the building.

The building looks a bit odd with no windows. Even from the other side, people are already curious what’s in it given there are no roll-up doors.

The drip edge looks nice and it will be great to not have mud splashing up the wall when it rains.