Fifth Wall Started

June 2, 2020

Tonight I built the fifth and penultimate major exterior wall.

Many of the boards were very twisted, so I closed the gaps in the blocking with a ratchet strap.

This is essentially the same wall I’ve already built twice before. I’m getting faster each time.

The blocking was a bit more in the way than I expected, so I had to move it a little.

Sheathing these walls is always fast since there’s only 1 rip cut.

I’ve been leaving extra Tyvek on the sides and wrapping it around where the walls join together.

I’m starting to run low on Tyvek, but I should have enough.

Since there’s no top-plate the walls could be prone to twisting. Ceiling drywall should help somewhat.

I’ve decided to double-up the face-nailed rafters on each end wall. This will both stiffen the walls and provide drywall backing for the ceiling.