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Fifth Wall Ready

Tonight after work I went out and built the fifth and penultimate major exterior wall.

Many of the boards were very twisted, so I ran a ratchet strap around the middle of the wall with the blocks tapped into place before nailing it. This pushed all the gaps closed so I could lock it in straight.

Sheathing worked like normal. Thankfully these side-walls are very easy to sheath, as you only have to make one 4ft cut, and the remainder will be used on the other side.

I’ve been overlapping these side walls a full 4 feet, which is overkill, but ripping the Tyvek lengthwise can be tricky. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to purchase another roll though.

I also made some tweaks today to the rafters, specifically that I’m going to double them up at both ends and at the center. This will both stiffen the walls at that point, which since there’s no top-plate will help keep the wall from twisting. It will also provide drywall backing along those high-up corners.

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