Ethernet and Audio Wiring

September 1, 2021

Over the last few days I’ve run ethernet and audio tie-lines between the machine room and other key points.

When ethernet or audio runs parallel to power, I tried to keep some distance.

Each of the 5 ethernet port locations has 2 runs, allowing future expansion or a fallback if one fails.

The audio lines were not laid out with a laser, so they are a little more erratic.

To avoid running parallel with power lines, I ended up running the ethernet lines through the ceiling.

I was a little shorter on audio cable so I made a few adjustments to the route to save length.

The audio tie lines each carry two balanced channels, which will be terminated with XLR jacks.

Having networking in the ceiling will be useful for a WiFi hotspot and DMX over ethernet. The audio lines will likely feed flown powered speakers.

Most of the boxes have networking and audio together, but in the ceiling they each go into single boxes.

The audio cables all land in a floor box behind the desk in the loft.

All the networking cables land in a low-voltage media box near the power panel.