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Design Changes

After much careful consideration, I’ve gone and radically changed the studio design. I’ve been increasingly concerned with how specialized and how inflexible it may prove to be and how much it would cost to execute.


I’ve got a really great workshop setup in 1/3 of the building, and I don’t want to give that up, so the studio needs to fit in the other 2/3.

The new design sets aside that space, making the studio portion much smaller. Both the studio and workshop will have a loft, making good use of the very high ceilings.

Downstairs theres a full 13’x30′ of workshop space with double doors to the outside and another set going into the main room of the studio.


I did a video shoot in the other 2/3 this spring, and it helped me realize that making the space as open and flexible as possible is really important.

The new design is basically one big room with a loft. This leaves a ton of space for setting up a band, a video shoot or something else entirely. There’s also a couple of small storage closets, an equipment closet and an entry/air-lock downstairs.

The control room being in the loft will benefit from the vaulted ceiling and have a curtain on each side, one side being a balcony. The curtain can be drawn to make the room imaging symmetrical for critical listening, or opened up to make communication easy.


I need to find a balance between the cost of the build and the cost of the gear and I can bring down costs dramatically by simplifying the build.

The new design reduces up-front costs by simplifying the build. The previous design had 10 separate rooms, which leads to much higher cost per square foot than an open-concept. I’ll also be saving money in the long-term since having a smaller space will reduce heating and cooling costs.

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