Design Changes

June 12, 2019

I’ve radically changed the studio design again.

I’ve been increasingly concerned with how specialized and how inflexible it may prove to be and how much it would cost to execute.

Also, after doing a video shoot in the building this spring, I realized I wanted to more open and flexible space.

I was previously packing all my tools into one side of a two-car garage.

Finally, I don’t want to give my workshop.

The new design leaves a 13 ft x 30 ft space for the workshop. It’s basically one big room with a semi-open loft above one side.

I’ve always wanted a spiral staircase, and now I finally have a good place to put one.

By placing equipment on rolling platforms, the space can be re-arranged quickly.

I don’t have a really good reason for giving the loft a balcony, it just looks like fun.

Compared to the previous design which had 10 separate rooms, this open-concept design will be significantly more affordable to build.

By placing a curtain on the wall opposite to the balcony, I can close a curtain over the balcony and make the mixing room more acoustically symmetrical.

There’s a lot of details to work out still, but I’m pretty confident that this is the final radical design change.