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Defective Parts and Base Trim

Last night, I decided to contact the building manufacturer about one of the end wall columns which appears to be defective. Ever since I assembled this end wall, I’ve thought something might be wrong, as the upper girts are angled instead of being level. This morning they got in touch and arranged to overnight me a set of brackets that can be bolted into place to remedy the situation. Hopefully I don’t get held up waiting on them. I should have contacted them sooner.

Having sorted that out, I headed out to the building site and unpacked a large box containing trim. This was also a good thing because the box ended up in the way of hanging one of the doors. After emptying it out, I tore it apart and set it aside to be disposed of.

I laid the parts out in the center of the floor and checked each item against my inventory sheet. Everything was there, and looked to be in good shape.

I studied the plans a bit and then got started on the base trim, which is a siding-colored galvanized sheet metal flashing that runs around the perimeter of the building and catches any water running down the siding and directs it away from the slab. Though this seems simple, I had to text Adam several times for advice, as the plans did not provide many details. Thankfully, he was available to chat and helped me figure out how to handle corners and doorways.

Once the details were sorted out, I was able to install the base trim around the perimeter relatively quickly by myself using clamps to hold parts in place.

Adam and Dave will be here tomorrow to help me, and we should finally be ready to start putting up insulation and siding.

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