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It’s the first day of September, and the scaffolding I’ve ordered has finally arrived. Peter was kind enough to meet me at Home Depot to pick it up. When we got there it took customer service a really long time to work out where my stuff was. Finally we were told to head around to the side of the building, as it was too large to bring through the store.

As we got out there, we were met with a man who spoke gibberish driving a forklift. He mumbled a few things and then started loading the truck with a couple of pallets. Everything was wrapped up, so we just strapped it down and headed to my house.

As we unloaded it, we realized that many of the parts were damaged or missing.

Other than a busted walk-board, half of the bucks were bent and the guard rail posts were missing.

I worked with Home Depot to see if they could send me replacements for the damaged parts. In the end, they wanted to me to return the whole thing and re-order. This would have left me with no scaffolding for a period of time in which I really needed to make some progress. Instead I just ordered another kit, this time shipped direct to my house. When it comes, I’ll return the damaged stuff.

In the mean time, I have some scaffolding. It’s missing guard rails, it’s bent up and probably a little dangerous. But it’s functional.

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