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Cross Bracing

Peter and Dave came out around 10am this morning. We ate some biscuits and gravy, compliments of my wife, and got to work.

The next step was to install all the cross braces. These are essentially giant steel cables with bolts on each end. You feed them through specific holes in the rafters and tighten them until they are taut. They ensure the building doesn’t move out of square when forces are applied to it.

This was a good job for 3 people. We traded off roles, but generally 2 people were feeding cables into holes and adjusting the bolts while another was supplying them with cables. In two cases, a cable actually needed to pass through a wall girt. We installed the cable, checked to see where it would intersect, and then used a hole saw to create an opening to feed the cable through. We ended the day by installing bracing across the ridge purlins. This proved especially difficult since the self-tapping screws turned out to be rather dull and the material we needed to screw them into was quite thick. Peter ended up pre-drilling them using my drill press setup on his tailgate and then we installed them mostly without incident.

I’m starting to worry about these self-tapping screws being unable to self-tap. At this point, it’s likely we will have to pre-drill every single hole, and there are easily hundreds, perhaps over a thousand, screws that will need to be driven into the flanges, girts and purlins. Time to invest in another drill and some bits.

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