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Covering the Gap

A couple days ago, the roofers returned and finished up. However, one of the issues we ran into is that the ridge cap, for whatever reason, is about 8 inches too narrow. Adam talked to the building supplier and they are sending out some material to make it work, but until then, if it rains, water could fall onto the uncovered insulation in the ridge and create quite a problem.

So, this morning, Adam and I went to Home Depot and bought an extension ladder and some sticky plastic sheeting designed for covering flooring during construction. It’s fun to shop for tools with Adam, I think we both really love tools. Shopping for tools with my kids is about the most boring thing they can imagine, so it takes the fun out of it. Tools and light bulbs.

We took our kids to the New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival, which was a very fun end to a crazy week. When we returned Adam and I got up on the roof, covered the ridge with plastic and called it a day.

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