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Corrective Action

I woke this morning to Adam letting me know he’d arrived with the scaffolding system he’s lending me to install the siding. I told him I was happy he woke me up, because I was just having stress dreams about the building anyway. We walked around the site and discussed what wasn’t working right, taking stabs at explaining why the middle purlins on the sides weren’t lining up correctly.

Eventually, we realized what was wrong. I checked the plans to verify. The end columns were each rotated 180 degrees! I still had the forklift until the end of the day, so we sprang into action and got to work. I lifted the weight off of the column with the forklift, while he rotated the column and reattached it. We were done in about an hour.

As soon as we rotated the columns, everything began dropping into place easily and the walls were finally straight. I was thrilled. We packed up and went to lunch at Area 23, a local free-stater bar, where we met up with Peter and discussed the triumph, and plans for next steps.

In a couple of weeks, my father is coming to visit from California. On that weekend I’m going to rent 2 scissor lifts, and we should be able to get a lot more done in less time by having 2 people in the air at once. I’m feeling much less stressed about the project now.

Thank you Adam.

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