Coat Closet & Attic Stairs

August 11, 2020

Over the last few days I finished framing the doorway for the coat closet and installed the attic stairs.

I’m aiming for the interior to feel more commercial than residential, so I’m using 36 in. wide doors everywhere, including this coat closet.

Because it’s in such a tight space, I framed the doorway assembly on the slab on the other side of the wall and then moved and secured it into place.

I set the stairs 5/8 in. below the framing so the insulated cover panel (not shown) will sit perfectly flush with the drywall when closed.

I then installed the attic stairs into the hole I’d left in the ceiling.

After modeling the required clearances for opening and operating the stairs, I ended up pushing the coat closet door back about 1 ft. to better accommodate the sitars.

The stairs feel very sturdy and there’s plenty of room to safely operate them.