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Closing Up One Side

Today was a big day. I had Adam, Dave and Peter over and we got a lot done. The first thing we did was close up the back end-wall. We now have three sides on the building!

Working on the end-walls is slower because we have to trim the siding and insulation at an angle and the panels are longer toward the center. But we were getting to the point, as we finished the rear end-wall, that this wasn’t slowing us down much. It was especially quick once we got a good rhythm going with Adam and I were prepping materials while Dave and Peter installed them.

Each panel has to be carefully checked to ensure they are plumb, but also not too far off from the previous panel. The rear end-wall actually turned out to be the easiest one to keep straight. This is probably because the concrete is more even on that side. Even slight variations can make a big difference.

Once those panels were up, we started prepping for future work. This included installing scrap metal in areas that would otherwise have nothing for the siding to screw into. Some of these had to be added after the fact as well, but thankfully there was plenty of scrap angle iron which worked well for this purpose.

The next thing we did was pre-drill the final set of siding panels and stack them in the same order they will be installed. This is useful since they are all different lengths.

Once it got to about 2pm, everyone was exhausted from the heat. Unfortunately, we are having a heat wave for the next several days, which are some of my last days I’ll be able to work on the building before the roof goes on.

Dave will be staying with me for the next several days, and we are going to get a lot done together on the building and the house. If only it wasn’t going to be so dang hot.

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