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Clean Up

Today I went around the building and cleaned up all the trash. Also, from the recent wind storm there was a lot of dirt that got thrown up onto where the siding meets the flashing around the bottom of the building. To remedy this permanently, I’ll need to surround the building with gravel, but first I need to have the grading adjusted to slope away from the building, which I hope to get done soon.

There’s still a few things to bring in or dispose of, but I’m no longer fearing winter. Which is good, because it’s supposed to start properly snowing next week.

The next thing I need to sort out is keeping the chickens safe in the winter. My wife got a geodesic dome kit, which came on a small palette the other day. It’s a 16ft wide dome, reaching 8ft high made out of metal pipe. We might also need some grading done to get that started, and I’m hoping we can get that sorted before we get too much snow as well.

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