July 22, 2017

Today we butchered 18 roosters.

That many roosters crowing all the time was getting old. It was really nice to hear it get quieter throughout the day.

Adam was a big help to the butchering operation. He pretty much took over my duties, so when Peter arrived we just went and worked on the studio.

Some friends stopped by and asked how they could help so I handed them a cordless saw and told them to chop the top 2 in. off the styrofoam surrounding the slab.

Peter and I were mostly putting up the doors. At one point we were recruited to help corner a rooster who was particularly evasive. Adam ended up tackling it, rather impressively, in the woods.

Now that the area around the slab has been excavated by hand it will be much easier to do the final grading with a tractor without damaging the insulation.

The door frames are pretty adjustable, and I suspect when the siding goes on we’ll have to make some final tweaks.

We found the double doors to be much harder to get straight and plumb. I’m expecting they will need much more adjustment before they’re done.

The doors were being stored in my garage where my car normally goes. I can now finally park in the garage again.