Center Wall Started

June 18, 2020

Over the last few days I’ve started the center wall.

Because of the final adjustments made to the walls to get them plumb, these walls have to be sized to fit what’s built, rather than what’s in the model.

First I built the walls that the beam will sit on.

I filled the gaps between the rigid foam boards with spray foam.

Then I built a box around the steel column with rigid foam insulation.

It’s a joy working on these small walls after dealing with the giant ones.

Then, the tricky L-shaped walls that wrap around the columns.

The board protruding where the beam will go runs all the way to the floor and will prevent the beam from rotating.

The finished product is pretty solid.

I’m concerned the rigid insulation is making contact with the column, but it’s quite challenging to inspect.

It will be even more stable when the floor joists are in.