Breaking Ground

November 4, 2016

Grading is going very well. Once the trees were cleared, excavation began.

Because the forrest floor had a foot or two of loamy soil, they first had to dig down to firm soil.

Because the site is so much lower than the house, I had 1,000 cubic yards of fill brought in to raise it up. The fill is spread out and compacted layer by layer.

I wonder if we should have taken more trees out. Some look like they could take the building out if they fell down.

The dug out the footing and left that dirt piled up around the perimeter to use as backfill once the slab is complete.

The grading guys did a really nice job getting everything smooth and flat.

I’m now ready to get started on the concrete slab.

The pad is high enough above the forest floor, I should never have issues with flooding.

My son wants to spend every waking moment at the building site. A friend got him a digger for his birthday, which works especially well in the loose piles of soil around the footing, and he loves to play with his toy construction vehicles at a real construction site.