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Building a recording studio in New Hampshire


Peter has now completed the architectural drawings for the interior of the studio. The next step is to deal with the permitting process.

I really like how the drawings came out. Once the permit is approved I’m going to get them printed on 2′ x 3′ Tyvek sheets. One thing I learned from the construction of the building last summer was that the plans need to be large and durable. The ones provided with the building were printed on 11 x 17 sheets of regular printer paper and didn’t hold up very well.

When he laid out the first floor, he setup some center lines for the symmetrical rooms that we can use when laying the walls out. I plan to use a combination of chalk lines sealed with clear spray paint and plenty of sharpie pen to layout a perfect rectangle first, then the center lines, then all of the wall shapes.

Peter calls the second floor “Blaise’s bedroom” named after my son who he is convinced will want to move into the studio when he’s older. In the plans, however, it’s the “Attic of thoughts”. Solid Blaise Pascal reference Peter.

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