Attic Wiring

December 23, 2021

I wired up the attic this week.

Adding a switch for a future exterior light will allow you to control the porch light from the vestibule.

I added a junction box for the air handler and another that runs to a switch for future use.

The ERV and ventilation fan will be on one circuit, while the dehumidifier and condensate pump will be on the other.

I then added outlets for the ERV, dehumidifier, condensate pump and ventilation fan.

This will include the thermostat and ERV controller, which use four wires each.

HVAC control wiring will all be done in a water-proof low voltage terminal box.

The dehumidifier doesn’t need a remote control, as you can simply set it to 50% and leave it be.

I then added a light on a motion sensing switch, which is very handy as it comes on automatically when you enter the attic and always shuts off on its own.