Attic Subfloor & Exterior Vents

August 12, 2020

Today I finished the attic subfloor and got the ERV vents in place.

I used the same 23/32 in. OSB subfloor material as I used on the loft and even glued it down.

Now the attic is easy to access and safe to walk around on.

The two vents on the workshop side will be used to evacuate fumes or hot air using powerful inline blowers.

After consulting with Peter, I finally decided to move the intake and exhaust vents for the ERV.

This drill has a 1/2 in. chuck and uses an 18v battery and low gearing, making it perfect for low speed high power drilling.

The other day I got a new right-angle drill and some auger bits for the electrical routing. I also got a 6 in. hole saw to use with it for this job.

The intake vent has a metal bug screen and the exhaust vent has a draft door that closes when not in operation.

After some measuring I used an extension ladder and made two holes for the vents on the studio side.

The vents still need a couple of screws and some sealant before they’re ready to be ducted in.

The vents come in just at the top of the wall and will be fit with insulated flexible ducts to connect to the ERV.