Attic Floor

July 18, 2021

I am transforming the attic floor into a drain-pan to catch and hold any water that might leak from the HVAC equipment, or even the roof.

The sealant helps prevent expansion and movement from breaking the membrane applied next.

First I used a urethane sealant on the joints and painted the wood baseboard that caps the wall cavities.

This should be able to hold 4 inches of water indefinitely without any damage to the wood structure.

Then I painted the entire floor with 2 coats of Redguard, a waterproof membrane that is used under tile shower pans.

The flooring make the attic look far more finished, and was very cheap.

Then I protected the membrane with peel-and-stick vinyl plank flooring.

I did this twice, once with peel-and-stick vinyl baseboard, which fell right off, and the second time using polyurethane glue, which worked great.

Finally I finished it up by glueing on vinyl baseboard.