Attic Door

October 30, 2021

To reduce air infiltration and improve safety in the attic, I built door that you can also walk on.

I used carpet transition strip to ensure the vinyl plank corners didn’t peel up.

It’s made of 23/32 plywood and covered in the same vinyl plank flooring I used in the attic.

The attic stairs also have a weatherstrip on them, so it’s a double-sealing entry.

I used gate hinges and handles and added weatherstripping to make it seal when closed.

It’s quite stable, but you do still need to mind the step as it’s still raised.

Now you can close it and walk around without risk of falling.

I had to put a handle on both sides, since it will be often closed while someone is up there.

And the door easily stays open by leaning it against the wall.