Around the Door

October 18, 2017

Today Adam came by and worked on trim during the day. The parts to make the ridge cap wide enough came, but they were made incorrectly. I called the building supplier, and they recommended modifying the parts, so tomorrow Adam and I will take the parts to a sheet metal shop and do so.

Later on, Peter came by and we got to work on finishing up the siding. This is the tricky part, where we have to go around the door. We did this once before, but made the mistake of trying to trim the insulation after hanging it. This time we trimmed it up on the floor, and it worked out much better.

It gets dark at about 6pm this time of year, but the lights worked really well, so it didn’t slow us down much. We got a panel and the door trim in, and tomorrow we should be able to get a few panels on.