Architectural Model

December 21, 2017

A most impressive Christmas gift from my friend Ed arrived today, all the way from London. A 50:1 scale custom-built architectural model made of foam board, based on the latest design of the studio interior.

The number of angles in this design did not make Ed’s job easy. It also gave me pause about what this design would mean for me.

My wife saw it, took one look at my face, and then handed me the glue gun and said “go have fun”.

The challenge of this design has been getting the stairs to fit. This staircase would have to be narrower than typical, which may be a deal breaker.

Ed did a really good job, and it was certainly no easy task given all the crazy angles. He said when he first imagined doing this for a gift, he was expecting to build the early design of the studio, which was essentially 3 rectangular rooms. Since then, the design has become much more complex.

The attic area above the entry is meant to be a space for HVAC equipment.

He even build the second floor and the staircase. Very impressive.

Thanks for the great gift Ed. I had a lot of fun building it.