Another Wind Storm

March 2, 2021

We’ve been having a wind storm, stronger than the one back in 2017 that nearly ripped the roof off before it was completed. This time with wind speeds were up to 30 mph with some gusts up to 60 mph. All night it’s been rather loud, making me aware of it and worried about what damage it might cause.

This ridge cap has been a problem since it was first improperly installed. The replacement is going to have to be custom made due to how wide the material needs to be.

This morning I looked out the window and discovered that a section of the ridge cap on the north side of the building was gone.

The anchor points I had installed near the ridge for safety harnesses will make it less dangerous for roofers to make repairs once the wind dies down.

Thankfully the roof is pitching the wind over the exposed roofing panel edges, so I don’t expect the panels will rip off.

Upon closer inspection, the trim also came off, but is in good enough shape to be reused.

I don’t expect the ridge cap will be reusable. It’s very badly damaged. I moved it, and the trim-piece that also came off, into the studio to avoid further damage.