A/V System

January 7, 2023

Lately I’ve been chipping away at getting the TV and speaker system installed. I started by wiring up the speaker jack wall plate in the machine room.

These 6 speaker cables run through the walls to a junction in the media box in the wall behind the TV.

The network cabinet has been done for a while, but still needs a door.

The cabinet came with a door, and I tried painting it black, but I could never get the paint to adhere, not could I strip enough of the white off to start from metal. In the end, I ruined it beyond repair.

I ordered the upgraded cabinet door, which I like a lot, but it was damaged in shipping, so I had to return it and order another one.

Amazingly, the protective film to keep the smoked plexiglass from getting scratched was cut with a razor knife, by the manufacturer, to make room for the lock. I’ll polish it out when I’m bored someday.

While I waited on a replacement door, I installed the cable tray system.

The wall pass-through on the right goes into the AV box, the round hole at the top goes to the loft and live room and the left side connects to the networking, speakers and other equipment that will be setup nearby.

Once the new door came, I installed it with a rubber gasket against the wall to keep it from rattling.

I then put front and back speakers in the ceiling, as well as the center and sub in the wall and hung the TV bracket.

Behind the TV bracket is a 2×10, making it very easy to anchor in exactly where I need it.

To ensure the TV sits low enough to cover the AV box, I added some VESA extensions to the bottom.

The AV box contains an uninterruptible power supply, speaker cable junctions and a pass-through into the machine room which will be used for an HDMI cable, or anything in the future.

I plan to move the TV from the media room in the basement of the house into the studio and put a bigger TV in my media room.